Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Monster Hog

I posted previously about the monster hog (see below) that the 11 year-old boy named Jamison shot. After viewing the father's website, I noticed something subtle but interesting about the images. In not one single shot does anybody actually touch the animal. To me, this further bolsters my belief that what we're seeing is a trick of perspective with a deep depth-of-field.

I also find it odd that all of the purported negative feedback found in the "Negative Comments" section has to do with the moral/political rammifications of shooting this animal. In fact, most of these posters seem by syntax, word choice, etc... to be from other countries and all of a extreme liberal slant. Not one poster (who made the cut anyway) said anything about a hoax. Could it be that by selecting only angry, fascist rants that Jamison's father is trying to accomplish two things? First, by polarizing the opinions, he can show how much more rational he and those who support him are. And secondly, by omitting any mention of hoaxing, he may think he is adding to the credence of his claims. After all, if no one is mentioning a hoax, then it must be so absurd a conclusion that not even these zany zealots would dare mention it.
For more about the trick photography I describe here, check this link and read about the legal troubles that followed here.


The most recent post on finds Loren Coleman sad because nothing of merit (concerning Bigfoot) is ever posted on Youtube. I understand his frustration; third behind National Geographic and The Smithsonian, stands among the greats of scientific reporting. Who broke the first images from Mars? Who first showed us glimpses of the subatomic world? That's right, folks. Youtube. Of course, they've also brought us the oddly homoerotic underwear-swapping antics of the Aussie Bum Guys and the All-American classic, Monkey Pee video so if one leaves the site slightly bereft of confidence in their ability to report accurately on mythical beasts, I think a little leeway can be given.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Return of Hogzilla

Not too long ago, reports and images surfaced on the internet about a 12', 1000+ lb hog that was shot and killed deep in the Dark Continent of the American South. Quickly - and rightfully - tossed aside as a hoax, the tale sank into the murky bottoms of American folklore. Sadly, folks, that's simply not enough to keep a good tale down.

Rising like the bloated corpse of a sewer rat, Hogzilla once again comes to the attention of cryptozoologists, bloggers and bored internet surfers. This time, an 11 year-old 'bama boy claims to have shot a 9' hog of similiar weight. There are, of course, images to verify that the boy is telling the truth. Because in this day and age, digital images from murky sources are all the world needs for proof in the digital realm. BTW, his father is working on a film about Hogzilla. We wish him the best.

Being far from a novice at the photographic arts, I must say it looks a lot like a very old, very simple trick with perspective. You may have seen examples that include holding a person in your hand or making some seem like they're trapped in a jar. Adjusting your depth of field and shooting images at just the right angle can render just these results. I'm still awaiting futher word from other dubious investigators - armchair or otherwise. I'll keep you posted.
For more about the trick photography I describe here, check this link and read about the legal troubles that followed here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

And the moment of truth...

In my fantastic, life-changing book, Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, [ BUY IT!] I write about the "goings on" at various local churches. It's a thrilling read that I am certain kept many of you up into the wee hours of the morning with an unabating fear. What? You slept as soundly as that Bionic Woman chick in her Sleep Number bed? Fine! Bite me! But I seem to have gotten a tad off track. Where was I... Ah, yes! In that passage, I have done my readers a disservice: I did not divulge information, which I had always felt needed disclosure. The reasons behind this decision are varied and, ultimately, beside the point. To that end, I am now correcting this lapse in journalistic integrity by revealing to you, my faithful reader(s?), the identity of the purportedly haunted church in Norman, OK. GOODRICH MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST. I know, I know. You feel your life is complete having now, in your posession, this useless bit of additional information. But think! Had you not visited my humble (and oft-ignored) blog, then you would never have known. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


May 19th at Meinders School of Business (NW 26th and N McKinley) will be the Oklahoma City Book Festival. I will be in attendance with copies of Strange State for sale. Hudson House Publications will also be selling copies of its newest title, Elephant Hips Are Expensive. It's an adorable children's tome base on the factual escapades of Oklahoma youngsters in 1948. These ambitious children saved their pennies to buy an elephant for the Oklahoma City Zoo. It's delightfully written by Marilyn Hudson and illustrated by upcoming illustrator, Haley Fulco and I did the layout and design myself so I'm a wee bit proud of the little bugger. Anyway, I certainly hope you can all make it out that Saturday. See you there!

Big subjects, small films.

Along the lines of my recent crypto lamentation post, I often find myself bothered by the lack of quality video one should be able to find on Youtube. Granted, I realize that there will be jokers and fakers - it's a given. However, there should be a way (perhaps a community) on Youtube to seperate footage deemed genuine from that of high school and college kids with a digicam and a lot of time on their hands. is an example as is . The other thing the bugs me about Youtubers - the propensity to parody (intentionally or otherwise) the Blair Witch Project. Grrrr!! Example: Trust me, there are plenty more like this. I don't even mind mockumentary styled home movies by burgeoning (read: wannabe) film makers. I love a good entertaining low-budged "indy" film. But these... tsk, tsk, tsk. So if you know a good crypto (or any paranormal) footage on Youtube worth watching, please forward that link.