Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Return of Hogzilla

Not too long ago, reports and images surfaced on the internet about a 12', 1000+ lb hog that was shot and killed deep in the Dark Continent of the American South. Quickly - and rightfully - tossed aside as a hoax, the tale sank into the murky bottoms of American folklore. Sadly, folks, that's simply not enough to keep a good tale down.

Rising like the bloated corpse of a sewer rat, Hogzilla once again comes to the attention of cryptozoologists, bloggers and bored internet surfers. This time, an 11 year-old 'bama boy claims to have shot a 9' hog of similiar weight. There are, of course, images to verify that the boy is telling the truth. Because in this day and age, digital images from murky sources are all the world needs for proof in the digital realm. BTW, his father is working on a film about Hogzilla. We wish him the best.

Being far from a novice at the photographic arts, I must say it looks a lot like a very old, very simple trick with perspective. You may have seen examples that include holding a person in your hand or making some seem like they're trapped in a jar. Adjusting your depth of field and shooting images at just the right angle can render just these results. I'm still awaiting futher word from other dubious investigators - armchair or otherwise. I'll keep you posted.
For more about the trick photography I describe here, check this link and read about the legal troubles that followed here.

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