Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Monster Hog

I posted previously about the monster hog (see below) that the 11 year-old boy named Jamison shot. After viewing the father's website, I noticed something subtle but interesting about the images. In not one single shot does anybody actually touch the animal. To me, this further bolsters my belief that what we're seeing is a trick of perspective with a deep depth-of-field.

I also find it odd that all of the purported negative feedback found in the "Negative Comments" section has to do with the moral/political rammifications of shooting this animal. In fact, most of these posters seem by syntax, word choice, etc... to be from other countries and all of a extreme liberal slant. Not one poster (who made the cut anyway) said anything about a hoax. Could it be that by selecting only angry, fascist rants that Jamison's father is trying to accomplish two things? First, by polarizing the opinions, he can show how much more rational he and those who support him are. And secondly, by omitting any mention of hoaxing, he may think he is adding to the credence of his claims. After all, if no one is mentioning a hoax, then it must be so absurd a conclusion that not even these zany zealots would dare mention it.
For more about the trick photography I describe here, check this link and read about the legal troubles that followed here.

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