Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mystery, Conspiracy Surrounds Fiery Crash

In the wee hours of May 14, 2008, a noctilucent object shot like turquoise fire through the sky south of Las Vegas and crashed to earth just outside Needles, California.

Frank Costigan, a former security chief for Los Angeles Intl. Airport, witnessed the object's fiery descent and swears it was no meteor. "It was bright," he said, "bright enough that it illuminated the ground."

Costigan claims the object slowed down at one point before speeding up again. Eventually, the phenomenon ducked behind a hill. Costigan expected to hear the loud report of a crashed meteorite, but instead, all was silent.

A few hours later, David Hayes, who owns a Needles radio station, saw a phalanx of odd vehicles with government plates pulling off the highway. One he described as a large truck surmounted by a dome and a superstructure reminiscent of a stealth fighter. He thought it might have been some type of military surveillance vehicle. Hayes goes on to claim that once he made eye-contact with one of the soldiers, the man followed him to his job. He could see one of the nondescript dark vehicles parked outside the KTOX station.

A third Needles resident, a man known only as "Bob" or "R.B.", claims he saw the object land with a thud approximately 100 yards west of the Colorado River where he lives in a houseboat.
Thinking a plane had crashed Bob attempted to call 911 but was unable to get cell reception. He was just about to move his boat when he heard the sound of approaching helicopters. Looking skyward, Bob spotted five flying in formation - one of which was a skycrane. Several minutes later, a glowing oval-shaped object about the size of a "semi-trailer" was retrieved and the helicopters retreated toward Las Vegas.

According to reports that came in to the radio station, the Laughlin, NV airport was deluged with a constant stream of arriving Janet planes, the aircraft that shuttle Area 51 workers.

But these facts cannot yet be confirmed because, it is reported, the Laughlin Airport has no one on tower duty after 6 pm.

It is also interesting to note, that while Needles is hardly a sprawling metropolis, these three witnesses and their unconfirmed data all seem to share a suspicious connection. Costigan, for instance, does investigative reporting for Hayes, according to reporters. And as for "Bob" - neither he nor his houseboat can be found. So, was he real?

Local reporters questioned multiple agencies and possible eye-witnesses. Nothing. An unconfirmed report from a military watchdog group does seem to confirm the presence of one helicopter in the area that morning.

For a more exhaustive look at the crash near Needles, check out this link: earthfiles

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UFO's? I Think Not...

CLICK HERE to see what Rense is reporting as UFO's. In my own humble opinion, they are out-of-focus videos of some tiny organisms, perhaps zooplanktons of some sort. Not one frame is in focus, which causes suspicion, and in several you can detect the tiniest bit of motion, as if parts of the whole are moving. Of course, the might just be the unfocused lights on someone's surge protector strip. Who knows. But other than the dubious word of the filmshooter, there is nothing that tells us these objects are in the sky. Judge for yourself.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fall Can't Come Too Soon For Bigfoot Fans

The dog days of summer may be pressing down on us like a wet blanket in the sun, but none are looking forward to Autumn more than Bigfoot enthusiasts. For those in the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas region, two prominent events are slated for this coming October.

The weekend of October 3rd and 4th, you can attend the Honobia Bigfoot Festival, which is held in Honobia, OK - deep in the Kiamichi Mountains, a Bigfoot hotspot that has been the site of numerous research expeditions and documentaries.

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy will hold its annual conference on Saturday, October 18 2008. The event, held in Jefferson, TX, will run from 9:00am to 6:00pm. For more information, click_here .

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Hum Along If You Don't Know This One

Like those who claim to be troubled by the famed and persistant "Taos Hum," that inexplicable droning which reportedly permeates said region, Green Bay, WI residents Bob and Leona Ehrfurth also claim to hear an unbearable, pervasive noise. The long-time residents claim the noise sounds like an idling semi and it has haunted them for the past two years. The strange goings-on began shortly after nearby St Bernard's Parish began making repairs to their aging structure. At first, the couple thought it might be the equipment used by the workers. However, when these fell silent, the noise still continued.

The acoustic anomaly, which seems to have no known origin, accosts the elderly couple (both are in their 70's) with vibrations that can be felt as well as heard. The husband particularly has trouble sleeping due to the strange sound and his wife often takes to sleeping in the basement to find reprieve.

Unfortunately, when city officials or sound experts come to investigate, the noise ceases. Could it be that the Ehrfurths are making this story up for attention?

Not so, says another local, City Alderman Andy Nicholson. He claims to have heard similar noises and understands the couple's concerns. Nicholson speculates that one or more local factories may be responsible but thusfar attempts to investigate have been blocked by city judge, Jerry Hanson, citing lack of probable cause.

A fair assesment considering that none of the Ehrfurth's neighbors have complained of any noises. But Nicholson claims others have heard it, but have yet to go on record.

Monday, July 21, 2008


My interview has been rescheduled on Let's Talk Bigfoot for this Wednesday evening 10/9 central. For more information, check out this.


In September 2004, local business owner Robert Ridge discovered a small stone incised with strange markings while hunting in Cedar Hill, a short drive from Roswell, NM, UFO mecca made famous by a supposed saucer crash in 1947. Curious, Ridge tucked the odd object into his pocket before returning home. Over the next year, the rock sat in a safe deposit box until the questions burning within got the better of him and Ridge began a quest to solve the mystery of the stone.

Last July, Ridge met with UFO investigators Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer who, in turn, showed the rock to still other experts. Anthropologists spoke up, citing that the bas relief design could not have been made in antiquity and required modern equipment. Others noted the stone, which blushed red from the presence of iron oxides, possessed magnetic properties.

From these simple observations, more outlandish claims arose. One termed the specimen a "lodestone" or magical rock. Another claims the embossed design bears striking similarities to that of crop circles that appeared in Liddleton, England in 1996. A local Tijeras woman, Priscilla Wolf, who visited the spot where the rock was located, spoke of feeling her hands vibrate when she held the stone. She also claimed a light shot down from the heavens at that very site.

However, not long after the story first broke, a handful of locals came forward claiming to own similar rocks. They were, they said, once sold as UFO souvenirs and many had crop circle designs carved on them. Quickly, those closest to the mystery began to distance themselves from Ridge and his claims.

But the businessman remains steadfast in his convictions, challenging those who doubt to provide samples of these souvenir stones. Investigators Zukowski and Ziegelmeyer remain convinced, as well. The two have scoured the Internet, souvenir shops, and new age stores in search of similar objects but, thusfar, have come up empty. They also cite that no tourist stands were ever that far away from Roswell, at the foot of the Capitan Mountains.

But none of that discounts that Ridge didn't fabricate the story - or the stone.

In the trio's favor is their willingness to seek the public's help in tracking down any similar stones that may exist, whether they came from a gift shop or somewhere a lot further away.

Others, however, need no such lengths. One Roswell-area ufologist stated that he believes "the government wants to discredit the rock.... That's why people are questioning the rock and its discovery." Well, you certainly can't argue with logic like that.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Diving Deep For Clues To Early Americans

University of Texas scientists will dive deep into the Gulf of Mexico's coastal waters in search of evidence attesting to the presence of Clovis peoples who may have lived in the area thousands of years ago when it was dry land. READ MORE.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has an expedition (as they term them) to Oklahoma the fourth week of September. Organized by Troy Hudson (no relation), this field event will run from September 25-28, 2008 and will explore previously noted hotspots in the southeastern mountains. Hudson is a federal law enforcement officer from Texas, and a member of the BFRO.

To purchase a spot on the expedition, first timers will need to pony up $300 to cover the BFRO's "overhead". In the FAQ section of their website, the organization advises participants to "prepare as if you will be...completely relying on yourself." It is each participants responsibility to secure camping equipment, camping fees (if applicable), food expenses, and transportation costs, which may just be the biggest expense of all these days. I cannot imagine, after all that expense, exactly what the BFRO is bringing to the table. Some scent baits and recorded primate calls? With groups ranging in size from 25 - 40 people, the BFRO can make as much as $12,000 off of each expedition. That's a lot of overhead.

However, if you are REALLY jazzed about such an expedition, led by arguably one of the premier organizations in the business, and $300 isn't that much, by all means do it. However, if you are like many in today's economy, and struggling to cut needless expenses, you might get in touch with local Bigfoot groups or enthusiasts and plan your own weekend getaway.

September 25 - 28, 2008
CLICK_HERE for more information and to register

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stephensville UFO's Take Center Stage In The Media

A recent article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on the increased coverage garnered by the presence of UFO's in the Lone Star State earlier this year. FAA radar data now comes to light that seems to indicate unidentified aircraft were, in fact, tracked over the Stephenville-Dublin area in January 2008. One of these targets appeared to head out over Crawford Ranch, President Bush's home.

The Stephensville flap was big news this winter when area residents began seeing inexplicable aerial phenomena on a regular basis. Mutual UFO Network investigators joined television programs such as UFO Hunters in onsite investigatons to determine just what - if anything - was happening in this otherwise sleepy Texas community.

According to the military, and corroborated by investigators, those objects witnessed were not known aircraft from nearby Air Force installations nor did they possess the required transponders. The radar data was obtained by MUFON associates via Freedom of Information requests of the FAA, National Weather Service, Customs and Border Patrol, and local military installations.

The object headed for a presidential visit was described as two large amber lights, which seemed to move at a near-indiscernable rate. At one point, however, the object spead away at 532 mph in less than 30 seconds. Although, it appears the object may have never actually made it to the ranch. And although it was being tracked, no Air Force jets were launched to investigate. The anomaly disappeared from radar around 8 pm.

Recently Larry King spoke with those involved in the Stephensville sightings earlier this year, bringing the story much deeper into the American media spotlight.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Let's Talk Bigfoot To Be Rescheduled.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, I was unable to speak this evening on Let's Talk Bigfoot, however the hosts assure me a reschedule is in the works. I appreciate all the effort these individuals go to in producing this program and look forward to participating in this popular show in the near future.

Crystal Skulls Frauds, Scientists Say

Within the past few months, three prestigious institutions discovered the crystal skulls they possessed were, in fact, not fabricated by ancient mesoamericans but rather by artisans of the industrial age.

Quai Branly in Paris, the British Museum, and the Smithsonian all made recent announcements concerning the fakes. While researchers at these museums long-suspected the inauthenticity of the skulls, which bore little resemblance to true Aztec and Mixtec sculpture, it may have taken recent interest in crystal skulls via apocryphal 2012 proclamations and the latest installment in the Indiana Jones saga to finally focus much-needed attention to these long-standing mysteries. The British Museum, for instance, held onto its skull since its initial acquisition in 1897.

Evidence gathered to prove them fakes came through the spectrographic analysis of residual grinding compounds, microscopic scoring from rotary sanders, and structural irregularities that suggested the quartz crystal came from European and African sources. Moreover, the skulls' dubious provenance long-convinced scientists that these specimens were fraudulent.

Mystery Object Dents Airliner Midflight

Something dented the nose of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 757 in mid-flight Sunday, July 6, 2008. The FAA is exploring several explanations, including structural fatigue and lightning.
Others have posited that any jet that struck a bird at such speeds would incur similar damage, but flight data indicates the incident occurred at elevations higher than those at which birds fly. The crew was descending into Tampa International Airport, at 18,000 feet, when the collision took place. No signs of organic residue from any such bird were discovered once the nose was examined later.

After minor repairs, the jet was cleared for use and placed back into service.

Okay, okay... Let's get it out of our systems, shall we? One wonders if this 757 didn't in fact strike a cloaked extraterrestrial drone sent on a recon mission of Florida's themeparks.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's Talk Bigfoot, Wednesday 10/9 Central

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday, July 9, to catch me on "Let's Talk Bigfoot". The show starts 10/9 central and will, hopefully, be a enjoyable evening spent listening to my thoughts on Biggy, etc...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The One That Got Away, Monster Quest looks at Giant Rats, Others

Yesterday, I finally got to catch a rerun of the Giant Rat episode of MonsterQuest. Giant Rats? I know, I know; it seems MQ is scraping the bottom of the barrel to find stories lately. Earlier episodes have dealt with escaped Burmese pythons, which witnesses swear grow to immense sizes in the wild; "werewolves" that devolve throughout the episode into obvious accounts of Bigfoot-like creatures; the "Grassman," which could be some strange hominid but for whom researchers couldn't bother to search any farther than the parking lot of some state park. And now, we have researchers plumbing the depths of New York City, searching out giant rats based on the testimony of homeless eyewitnesses, among others. We'll discount, for the moment, the recently discovered rats in Papua, New Guinea, and concentrate, as MQ has, on NYC.

As expected, the outcome of this investigation is nada, nothing, zilch, a big fat zero. To be honest, I can't recall an episode in which quality evidence ever surfaced. A couple of "hmm" moments, to be sure, but I'm talking about the meat-and-potatoes "wow" moments. I think those must come from extensive and persistent efforts in the field and not a maybe-we'll-get-lucky-but-if-not-we've-got-some-cheap-CGI-filler-and-a-voice-over philosophy. So, no giant rats.

However, when I was a kid, I went to an old three-story brick school that had a basement with a secret passage. I slipped inside once, discovering it opened onto what was once a large cavernous space, perhaps an earlier boiler room. There, in its dark recesses, I saw a rat that - to my young, eager eyes - seemed to be the size of a cat. I, of course, wasn't much larger than one myself. So, maybe perception has everything to do with how big a Burmese python appears (especially when you're not used to seeing them in the yard) or how a local Sasquatch might be viewed as a "werewolf" to a community of German descendants raised on such fables. And just perhaps a rat can seem really big to those for whom it serves as proxy in the fish-that-got-away tales of the concrete wilds of New York City.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Tale-Tell Cuore

In 1910, a Boston man stole two grand from his wife's sister, abandoned his family, and fled for an entire year before the phantom voice that plagued him like a tell-tale heart wore him down to confessing.

Raffaele Mastroiani took money that took Dominica Pappasobra nearly 18 years to save. She had trusted its care to her sister and her husband, Mastrolani, who placed it in their family strong box.

Later, after swiping the money and fleeing to a resort in Maine, Mastroiani came to believe he had been cursed. He began feeling guilty about what he had done. Since he felt himself too hardened for such sentiments, he deemed them the result of a curse.

The man claimed phantom gusts of wind would plague him even in enclosed spaces. He then began to see the disembodied face of his wife, and later, her voice would plague him. He claimed to hear the buzzing of unintelligible language. He believed they were curses.

Here's where it becomes somewhat hard to believe. As the woman's voice grew more distinct, her working-class, Italian-American tongue spoke the following: "Raffaele, wrong hast thou done to thy kindred; the curses of the holy ones are on thee; thy children curse thee, thy spouse curse thee; thou art doomed to wander thy ways alone forever."

Great stuff, right? Who knew turn-of-the-20th-century immigrant housewives spoke English in the archaic familiar. I guess standard, broken English would not have sounded lofty and formal enough, which is ironic considering.

Mastroiani, so fatigued from the phenomena plaguing him, eventually broke down a year after he fled. He wrote his wife a letter, apologizing to her and the kids and begging to come back. He only had $200 left.

It just goes to show you, don't steal large sums of money and flee because, eventually, the scribes of King James will plague you with all that incomprehensible verbiage you remember so fondly from studying Shakespeare.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kudos From Paranormalizer

I recently stumbled across the Blog/Website, Paranormalizer, while reading a post on Spooked. Paranormalizer reviews websites, blogs, podcasts, and all manner of media involved in the discussion of paranormal topics, evaluating them for both content and style. The ever-growing archive of reviewed sites is not only a testament to this site's ability to craft insightful analyses, but its a profound statement on the sheer number of paranormal outlets that now exist on the Internet.

The site recently reviewed Strange State favorably (for which I am most grateful) and you can read that review here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ghostlahoma Merchandise

Animals Go Wild As Earth Screams and The Dead Rise Again.

Earth screams into space and some think aliens may be listening.

Giraffe leads circus escape and Moe flees in search of Larry and Curly, the latter contributing to the great lexicon of escaped monkey stories in America. Still don't think a few of them might explain a bigfoot sighting or two? Hawks attack Cape Cod woman

A Chicago man was arrested for felony possession of tetradotoxin, the deadly poison obtained from the Puffer fish. FBI officials do not yet know for what purpose he purchased 98 milligrams of the toxic substance from a New Jersey chemical company. Apparently, they never saw "The Serpent and The Rainbow". I'm thinking there are some zombies in the works.