Saturday, February 22, 2014

Calling All Angels--Open Casting For Reality TV

This was in my inbox....

Hey Cullan,
My name is Carissa and I am an Associate Producer at V2 Films, a television production company based in New York City. I am currently working on a new real-life television series about amazing stories of people who were saved by angels. I saw your website and I thought this would be a great place to get the word out. If you could possibly post my casting notice or distribute it to your network it would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank You!

Casting Notice:

Has an angel saved you? Is there no scientific explanation on how you survived? Have you survived a vicious criminal attack, which could have been your final moments of your life?  A major cable network is looking to hear your stories and will validate the full faith believers and astonish the disbelievers as we investigative the science behind why these survivals shouldn’t have been possible. If you have a story please email your story
Vidiots l
P: 347-429-6156 Ext. 550
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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Puzzling Encounter

Having great respect for cemeteries and believing in the dignity of the dead, the following incident is offered in general terms.  Hopefully, no one would vandalize or disrespect the final resting place of individuals but such things are known to happen.  This conduct is forcefully disapproved.

" I was on a project looking for examples of graveyard art works, statues and the like, and found myself near an old and large historic cemetery on a recent Sunday morning in Oklahoma City.  Turning down the quiet residential streets I found it was a perfect time to visit. The lighting was good, the traffic practically nil and there was only one visiting group paying respect to their departed.  I was able to slowly drive through the lanes, observing headstones, and other features to see if any met my criteria for graveyard art. 
Finally, as I was preparing to go, I spotted some unique design features on a mausoleum and pulled over.  Grabbing my digital camera I got out and prepared to snap a few shots.  Looking down at the camera I halted. "Batteries Exhausted" was displayed.  I wracked my mind trying to remember when I put fresh ones in and thinking , "I just put new ones in here."  I tossed it back in and grabbed the SLR for some old school black and white photos. 
Later that day, I pull out the digital camera thinking I would replace the batteries and by habit I turn it on again.  This time there is no "Batteries Exhausted" message at all.  Anomaly of the camera or the batteries?  Checking the charge on the batteries determined they were just as new as I had thought.  Subsequent use of the camera for the rest of that day and the next saw no repeat of the message. 
For some reason, though, at that place in that cemetery, on that early morning, something drained the batteries..."

-- Submitted

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Intriguing discoveries have cropped up in the realms of ancient

First, in archaeology, a new hypothesis has been put forth to explain the enigmatic visage on the famous Shroud of Turin, which purportedly shows the likeness of Jesus. Many claim he was wrapped in this cloth after his death and that through supernatural means the cloth took on the image of the deceased like a photographic plate.

However, a new study shows that neutron emissions from an earthquake that rocked ancient Jerusalem (where the shroud was originally found) could have produced the image as well as account for the odd radiocarbon levels that many believe proves the artifact was less than 800 years old.


And DNA extracted from a prehistoric early inhabitant of North America provides a tantalizing link between Native Americans and the rest of the world. These findings hint at an occupied North America perhaps as much as 14,000 years before the Clovis people--the oldest known group in the region. Clovis, named for the discovery site in New Mexico, lived south of a massive ice sheet that reach down from Canada. It was believed that no cultures could have lived further north because of this massive glacier. However, the bones of the child whose DNA has led to these startling conclusions was found in Montana.


Speaking of ancient hunter-gatherers, construction workers in Seattle have unearthed an Ice Age mammoth tusk.


And a massive fossil find in Canada might change the way we look at evolution.


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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Orleans' Elusive and Mysterious Grunch Road

Legend has it than an old, unpaved road courses through the remote environs east of New Orleans somewhere in St. Bernard Parish. The road has long been known as the center of unexplained disappearances, some of which have been blamed on strange, half-human creatures.

But stories often conflict on which road is the actual Grunch Road. Some say it lies in lower Algiers, past English Turn. Others say in Little Woods, off Haynes Blvd. Other stories place it down along River Road. Another account has it in Harahan, off Hickory. In this way, it is a lot like other mystery roads and crybaby bridges throughout the country.

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