Sunday, May 6, 2007

Big subjects, small films.

Along the lines of my recent crypto lamentation post, I often find myself bothered by the lack of quality video one should be able to find on Youtube. Granted, I realize that there will be jokers and fakers - it's a given. However, there should be a way (perhaps a community) on Youtube to seperate footage deemed genuine from that of high school and college kids with a digicam and a lot of time on their hands. is an example as is . The other thing the bugs me about Youtubers - the propensity to parody (intentionally or otherwise) the Blair Witch Project. Grrrr!! Example: Trust me, there are plenty more like this. I don't even mind mockumentary styled home movies by burgeoning (read: wannabe) film makers. I love a good entertaining low-budged "indy" film. But these... tsk, tsk, tsk. So if you know a good crypto (or any paranormal) footage on Youtube worth watching, please forward that link.

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