Monday, April 23, 2007

North Texas Book Festival

Well, I did it; I attended the North Texas Book Festival in Denton, TX. No, no... that's about it. I suppose I had been a bit spoiled by my sales success at previous events so I assumed this would be another cake walk. However, the foot traffic was pitiful and the few who did come seemed to only browse. Few even bothered to pick the books up. Of course, in the case of one Cheetos-fingered little girl - THANK GOD! I did meet some interesting authors: the garrulous author of an anecdotal life-lesson tome and the oddly reserved but ultimately warm writer of anti-fantasy works ( I would explain but I'd probably hurt myself). I did, however, reacquaint myself with someone I had met a couple of years ago and that was a sincere pleasure. I hope we become and remain steadfast friends. This all more than makes up for the lack of sales. I will be in Oklahoma City throughout May, selling my books and making appearances.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Home Grown Research

Oklahoma is home to so many ghost hunters that they seem to be bumping into each other in the dark - or was that a swift kick to the shins... However, when it comes to the realm of cryptids, the pickings are slimmer than serving Nichole Ritchie for Thanksgiving dinner. Argueably, Oklahoma ranks higher in the number of sightings that most surrounding states yet it is always that out-of-town group that swoops in with gadgets and glory. Take for instance this article on Cryptomundo This group of mostly Texans been gathering steam for some time. And, of course, there is the BFRO who, unlike most groups, have eschewed web presence for putting on massive safaris or "expeditions," plying the lucrative waters of bio-tourism. With fewer results and documentation being presented on their website, the interested are left in the dark about their expeditions to Oklahoma. That said, back to my point. I lament the void in home-grown researchers and research organizations. It seems that a local group could put in the time and effort on-site, in the region without the need to mount "expeditions" from Washington State - or even have to cross the Red River.