Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stephensville UFO's Take Center Stage In The Media

A recent article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on the increased coverage garnered by the presence of UFO's in the Lone Star State earlier this year. FAA radar data now comes to light that seems to indicate unidentified aircraft were, in fact, tracked over the Stephenville-Dublin area in January 2008. One of these targets appeared to head out over Crawford Ranch, President Bush's home.

The Stephensville flap was big news this winter when area residents began seeing inexplicable aerial phenomena on a regular basis. Mutual UFO Network investigators joined television programs such as UFO Hunters in onsite investigatons to determine just what - if anything - was happening in this otherwise sleepy Texas community.

According to the military, and corroborated by investigators, those objects witnessed were not known aircraft from nearby Air Force installations nor did they possess the required transponders. The radar data was obtained by MUFON associates via Freedom of Information requests of the FAA, National Weather Service, Customs and Border Patrol, and local military installations.

The object headed for a presidential visit was described as two large amber lights, which seemed to move at a near-indiscernable rate. At one point, however, the object spead away at 532 mph in less than 30 seconds. Although, it appears the object may have never actually made it to the ranch. And although it was being tracked, no Air Force jets were launched to investigate. The anomaly disappeared from radar around 8 pm.

Recently Larry King spoke with those involved in the Stephensville sightings earlier this year, bringing the story much deeper into the American media spotlight.


m&m said...

A search of Mufon files also indicates sightings occurred in Oklahoma and elsewhere during that time window as well. This was underreported as well but surely goes to support the reality of the event - something (what may be debatable) was seen.

Ken said...

See? Even aliens are trying to figure out how someone that stupid could still be alive...