Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Hum Along If You Don't Know This One

Like those who claim to be troubled by the famed and persistant "Taos Hum," that inexplicable droning which reportedly permeates said region, Green Bay, WI residents Bob and Leona Ehrfurth also claim to hear an unbearable, pervasive noise. The long-time residents claim the noise sounds like an idling semi and it has haunted them for the past two years. The strange goings-on began shortly after nearby St Bernard's Parish began making repairs to their aging structure. At first, the couple thought it might be the equipment used by the workers. However, when these fell silent, the noise still continued.

The acoustic anomaly, which seems to have no known origin, accosts the elderly couple (both are in their 70's) with vibrations that can be felt as well as heard. The husband particularly has trouble sleeping due to the strange sound and his wife often takes to sleeping in the basement to find reprieve.

Unfortunately, when city officials or sound experts come to investigate, the noise ceases. Could it be that the Ehrfurths are making this story up for attention?

Not so, says another local, City Alderman Andy Nicholson. He claims to have heard similar noises and understands the couple's concerns. Nicholson speculates that one or more local factories may be responsible but thusfar attempts to investigate have been blocked by city judge, Jerry Hanson, citing lack of probable cause.

A fair assesment considering that none of the Ehrfurth's neighbors have complained of any noises. But Nicholson claims others have heard it, but have yet to go on record.


MH Research said...

Lack of probable cause keeping them from investigating the sources of sounds???? I can see it for some feloneous act - maing a noise seems to not even be in the ballpark with murder, drug dealing, etc. We truly haev lost our minds!

Ken said...

I just read about this today myself. It seems to me if it's limited to the bedroom, that would be the first place to look. Of course, it could just be some prankster or enemy trying to make them thin they're insane... or have the mice in the attic taken up belt sanding?

Cullan Hudson said...

Good points. Now, I am clearly picturing an angry next door neighbor with a parabolic speaker, torturing this couple.

"And I would have gotten away with too, if it weren't for you nosy kids..."