Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV Ghost Hunting Losing Steam and Wandering Aimlessly?

"There were moments early in [Ghost Hunter's] run when the personalities made it even more interesting to watch, when Brian was f'ing up and Jason was scared to proclaim anything haunted. They were like Duff and the gang at the cake shop in "Ace of Cakes." Somewhere along the line, however, the team began to lose its personality, became jilted and sterile, and way too cordial with each other as if they never spoke to each other outside of filming."

Read more about what direction ghost hunting is taking in Autumn Forest's latest post.


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Janet said...

Agree, Both SyFy series, Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunter International have so obviously sold out, GHI has become an advert for all the destinations who hope to cash in on tourists. TAPS lost all of their original appeal to the average Joe the Plumber's out in the real world when they started making a mini series of trashing Brian, and highlighting Steves Gonsolves' multitude of tiresome neurosis'. They began to lose me when they kept replaying episodes clogged up with the petty attacks on Brian Hornois. This was supposed to be SyFy "entertainment" at least, Ghost Hunting at best, not boring who forgot the 'computer mouse' & 'why is the cable tangled' crap, & not a blue collar version of Trumps "Your Fired" boring BS! Come on guys, focus on entertainment like travel channels Ghost Adventures, no one cares about your personality issues, we all have em, show us something 'unexpected'!