Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ghost Provokers Are Gonna Shove An EMF Meter Where Other TV Ghost Hunters Wouldn't Dare.

Who you gonna call when self-important ghost hunting teams have ripened to the point of parody?

When I first learned of the Ghost Provokers and their piss-off the spirits approach to paranormal investigation, I thought Ugh! Here we go again... However, after visiting their website and watching a bit of the promo work, I've come to believe this is actually a rather humorous and cynical parody of Ghost Adventures, etc., which is ironic because GA became a parody of themselves really. Watch and laugh (be sure to check out the bio clips!) as the team tackles new paranormal ground such as investigating the first lesbian haunting:

Scott: "She was an avid nutcracker collector?"
Dead chick's great-great granddaughter: "Over forty."
Scott: "She had a thing against nuts, huh?"

The notorious Ghost Divas will interview this comic trio September 29 at 10pm central on

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Julie Ferguson said...

LOL, I'm just not sure about this one, but like you said, look at the GA boys.