Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man Plunges To Earth, Vanishes

Recently, in the sky over Egg Harbor Township, NJ, multiple witnesses spotted what looked like a man plunging head-first toward the earth without a parachute. However, a thorough investigation of the surrounding environs has yielded no evidence of a body. If a man truly fell to earth, he landed (or vanished - The Event anyone??) without harm. No missing skydivers have been reported. Onlookers reported seeing a small plane flying in the vicinity at the time. Local authorities have postponed their investigation until such time as further information becomes available. "We're not actively out there searching, but we're waiting for more information," police Sgt. Robert Gray stated.

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Gary said...

Hm? Well, I'm sure it's possible he had a parachute, and no one saw it for some reason or another. Then he deployed it after he was beyond view.Of course his body could be sitting in a tall tree hidden by the canopy as well.