Monday, June 16, 2008

Hoax Photos Fall Short Of Win

Some time back, I submitted two "paranormal" photos to's 2008 Photo Hoax Contest. Although I didn't win (grrr...), they did include my images in their gallery. Below, you will find links to their respective pages.


RRRGroup said...

Ah, the shadow from the UFO indicates a very LARGE disk, which would explain the disappearance of the whole Incan society: they were abducted in toto.

(Nice work, by the way -- should have won!)


Cullan Hudson said...

Yes, I don't fault them their choice, but the winner failed to impress me. They could have at least ranked them so I could see how close I was to the top.

Buck said...

Great photos! I, of course, loved the reading room ghost! Reminds me of a fake Paul did at Tombstone. It was wonderful but he didn't enter it in the contest!

Cullan Hudson said...

Yeah, it's not like anyone wins a cash prize. You are simply left with the dubious distinction of best hoaxed photo. Still, it was fun.