Monday, June 16, 2008

When the Ghost from Ipanema Goes Walking...

In 1953, an "ancient" coffin was unearthed near Riva del Garda, Brazil that contained a headless skeleton. No one knew who the remains belonged to but the word "ancient" implicitly denotes something as old as early Europeans but, perhaps, much older.

The disarticulated remains were wired together and displayed in the main hall of that city's museum. However, when the superintendent opened the museum the next day, he discovered the casket lid open and artifacts from many nearby exhibits had been scattered. When questioned, the guard on duty that night claimed he had heard nothing and that all locks had been secured.

In fact, that same day all the locks were replaced, but the mysterious goings-on continued to transpire. The local police were baffled, offering no explanations to the frightened denizens of Riva del Garda. Eventually, the nocturnal disruptions ceased. Perhaps the ghost of whomever once belonged to those bones had settled in to eternal slumber once more.

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