Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Events Entertainment?

If your organization has a paranormal conference slated this summer (or even later, in the fall), consider adding a storyteller to the usual mix of speakers, authors, and gadgeteers. Or perhaps you work with a local library in search of programs this summer. Storytellers have a wonderful way of bringing both fact and fantasy alive like no one else.

For a local storyteller specializing in spooky tales for all ages, check out this link. Marilyn A. Hudson, The Ghost Teller, has been a member of Territory Tellers, an Oklahoma-based storytelling troupe for a number of years. She has spoken across the country and as far away as London. With tales ranging from the macabre to the humorous, The Ghost Teller has something for everyone and all ages.
(Yes, this post wins the award for most shameless plug but, seriously, check the site out.)

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