Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Orleans' Elusive and Mysterious Grunch Road

Legend has it than an old, unpaved road courses through the remote environs east of New Orleans somewhere in St. Bernard Parish. The road has long been known as the center of unexplained disappearances, some of which have been blamed on strange, half-human creatures.

But stories often conflict on which road is the actual Grunch Road. Some say it lies in lower Algiers, past English Turn. Others say in Little Woods, off Haynes Blvd. Other stories place it down along River Road. Another account has it in Harahan, off Hickory. In this way, it is a lot like other mystery roads and crybaby bridges throughout the country.

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Gatekeeper said...

What kind of half creatures are you mentioning?

Cullan Hudson said...

Half naked? Just kidding. The tales are rarely specific, but include half man, half dog, goat, demon.

july said...

I would not want to walk around there late at night.