Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Legends Linger At The Log Cabin Village

Fort Worth's Log Cabin Village is a conglomeration of six disparate historic structures dating to the middle of the 19th century. When they were moved in the 1960s for salvation and preservation, as well as to showcase frontier Texas life, some believe the homes came complete with attendant spirits. While docents and site operators are wont to downplay the ghostly rumors, the stories persist nonetheless.

The phantom scent of lilac perfume has been reported from the upper rooms of the Foster Cabin, which once sat on the Brazos River in Milam Co. The home was built by Harry Foster in the early 1850s. After his first wife died, Foster married a woman named Jane Holt who had been the nanny to Foster's children. She is rumored to have worn lilac perfume.

Footsteps have been heard in the home and some have spotted the apparition of a woman in a long black skirt and purple blouse.

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