Thursday, March 28, 2013

Haunted Stockyard Hotel

Fort Worth--Established in 1907, the Stockyards Hotel has housed both country legends and notorious outlaws. And maybe a ghost or two.

In room 305--a suite named after the hotels most notorious guests: Bonnie and Clyde, water in the bathroom has been known to turn on and off by itself.

The original elevator seems to have a mind of its own. That or it is taking phantom guests to their rooms now and then.  It has frequently been spotted ascending and descending of its own accord.

One of these may be the ghost of a little girl who has been seen now and then getting off the elevator at the second floor.  She takes two or three steps and then vanishes.

In the same way the Skirvin residents (the famed hotel in Oklahoma City) have complained of a woman's presence harrassing the men, the Stockyard Hotel hears reports of women who have felt as if someone has just crawled into bed with them. Turnabout is fair play, ladies.

Another room has gotten complaints from staff that the TV and radio turn on by themselves.

The staff in the hotel's marketing office (in the basement) have reported a unseen but nonetheless felt presence.

A night clerk kept getting prank calls one night. The phone would ring and no one would be on the line when he answered. After several of these calls, he looked at the phone and noticed the call was coming from the lobby. He leaned over to catch a glimpse of the lobby phone when the mysterious caller rang again. Once again, no one was on the line. But more to the point--no one was in the lobby.

Some of these spooky goings-on are placed squarely on the shoulders of Jake, a one-time employee who passed on. Those who attibute these hauntings to him simply feel he is still going about his job and isn't out to scare anyone.


Betty said...

I wouldn't mind staying there, it sounds like a great adventure. It looks nice too, not your usual Comfort Inn for sure!

Travel said...

We stayed there on August 2014 & there is something going on in that elevator. After we got done walking outside, the family decided to sit in the common area to chit chat (common area in the 2nd floor). The elevator opened twice w/o any of us pressing the button for it, we were all sitting on the chairs. It would stay open for a minute then close.

Richard Rice said...

We stayed in this beautiful hotel on July 13, 2016 in the Geronimo Suite on the 2nd floor. When we arrived back to the room at midnight my son was laying on one of the beds watching TV. He said that the TV would turn off by itself. I told him,"how funny you wanted to stay in a hotel that was haunted and coincidentally you will have your dream come true so enjoy." So I took over the remote control and laid on the other bed and sure enough it kept turning off, changing channel and the volume kept going up and it made watching TV a chore. Then it turned off again and so I said,"If there's a ghost in here turn the TV back on." Withing 10 seconds the TV turned back on. I sounded like Zach on Ghost Adventures, Did you see that; I had chills going up and down my spine and left my son a little scared! Then the small antique looking chandelier right above one of the night stand would start to sway on its own. The AC wasn't blowing hard enough to make it move as it was still all along right before that. When i reached up to stop it the other chandelier above the other night stand would start to move. We were no longer laughing at that time. I told my Son to go to sleep as my wife fell asleep without a care in the world of what we were experiencing. At 2am the damn TV turned on again with the volume really high. I yelled out to knock it off and forced myself to go back to sleep. In the morning on our way to check out I informed the front desk clerk about our experience and she acted like this was the first that she's heard of it but I can tell by her demeanor that it wasn't but have a feeling that upper management instructed all personnel to play it off. Well that was our experience and we can actually say we encountered a paranormal activity. If interested in having this type of experience stay in the Geronimo Suite 2nd floor, room is to the right when you step out of the elevator.

J. R. said...

I used to work in house keeping at this hotel. I've seen plenty of paranormal activity. Yes, the elevator is haunted and yes most of the rooms are too. This hotel has even been featured on ghost hunting shows. They have videos and audio recordings of voices and apparitions in the safe. I've seen apparitions race across the room from wall to wall and i even saw a little boy get off the elevator and go into a room that no one was checked into. he looked so real. I tried to talk to him because he had scratches all over his face, He didn't even look at me. When he got off the elevator i watched what room he went into and i checked with the front desk and no one was checked into that room. SO i went to check it out and when I opened the door, non one was there. The staff knows, its no secret. the staff have heard voices coming from rooms that no one is in, seen ghosts, felt presences and even experienced radios turning off and on by themselves. House keeping actually has the best stories because they have the most experiences.