Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Eerie Soundscape To Haunt Your Senses

Enjoy a haunted "soundscape" from The Haunted Gallery blog, a site where you can also find designs for bringing sound more effectively into your haunted house or haunted trail experience.

"Picture a blustery late November afternoon. The sky is grey and sinister looking and threatening an unseasonably late thunderstorm. Ill tempered wind rakes the leaves of a single gnarled tree in an old dreary churchyard. Nearby, a gravedigger chips away at the at a neat little square in the chilly ground. Eerie church bells mourn that death has claimed another for his own. Listen carefully to the subtlety of the atmosphere... the scavenging crows overhead, the frigid bite in the air, careful hammering of each coffin nail... Oh, where you not aware? Why, of course, this grave belongs to you. Rest in Peace..."

1 comment:

Autumnforest said...

Amazing! This is exactly why I listen to Jeepers Creepers when I write horror, the sound effects. I am going to go nuts writing to this!