Sunday, September 11, 2011

Modern Film Recalls Silent Film Horror

Released in 2005 from HPLHS films, the $50,000 "The Call of Cthulhu" is a faithful adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's seminal work that relates the tale-within-a-tale-within-a-tale-within-a... Anyway, it traces the vestiges and hints of an ancient, murderous cult in worship of an even more ancient and deadly being from beyond time and space.

However, unlike any would-be attempt to modernize the effort with barely-clad neophyte actresses and stilted performances from some young Keanu Reeves-esque thespian, this film imagines the story as it might have been revealed to audiences when the novella was first released in 1926.

The cinematography is a flawless verisimilitude of silent classics from the silver screen; and the art direction is almost fetishistic in its decadent pastiche. It's all there: from the luminescent halation of bright whites to the scratches and flecks one would expect to find in early 20th century cinema. Only rarely does some digital nuisance intrude to betray this film's modern origin, but so inconsequential are these that they are dismissed and forgotten almost instantly.

You can watch the entire film (it is not a feature-length work) at IMDb by following the link below:


Jessica Penot said...

I loved this film! Netflix recommended it to me and I watched it and loved it. I think it is also available direct stream from netflix.

Cullan Hudson said...

Me too! I was surprised. I stumbled across a mention of it, so I looked it up on IMDb and was surprised to learn they had it loaded to watch for free. I thought, I'd give it a quick glance, do a write up, and be done with it, but I ended up watching the whole thing. It was surprisingly well-done.