Friday, August 26, 2011

Hastings Still Warns UFOs At Nuclear Facilities

You might remember UFO researcher, Robert Hastings (read previous posts here) who has, like Chicken Little, been trying to get people to notice that a pattern of UFOs at nuclear facilities, weapons depots, and the like is afoot. Well, if you think he's given up, check this out. Apparently there is startling new evidence anecdotes that prove his long-argued hypothesis.


Autumnforest said...

I have always wondered about this phenomena.

James Carlson said...

While I thought your assessment of Robert Hastings' work was very much on target, you should be aware that his reliance on anecdotal evidence is not his only handicap in regard to his claims. He is also a proven liar and a fraudulent UFO investigator. I would recommend you review the numerous articles referenced to the Echo Flight Incident at

I have to admit, your work on your website is certainly intriguing; this is somewhat admirable considering the extremely wide range of phenomena you've decided to cover. I'll certainly return to read some of the non-UFO related discussions. For the most part, you've been extraordinarily thorough, something these types of cases demand, just as they necessitate the attention to detail that you've exhibited. Thanks for that -- in my experience it certainly isn't typical, but it is necessary.

James Carlson