Thursday, August 25, 2011

And Another UFO Sighting

via Andrew W. Griffin at the Red Dirt Report:

On the 18th, an unnamed witness spotted a "one large white spotlight with a blue light circling it and two smaller white objects off to either side" while driving south on 84th Street in Slaughterville, OK.

Surmounting this cluster of lights was another red one that pulsed. In the flashes from this, the witness could see a triangular shaped craft that appeared to be of a "gun metal gray" color. It seemed the craft was in a holding patter, hovering over a nearby farm house.

The witness described the object as "the size of a football stadium" and while he claims to have taken a photograph, no such image has yet surfaced.

A MUFON filed investigator looked into the sighting, but it remains unclear as yet what all he or she managed to learn.

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