Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Will Haunted Collectors Shift Focus From Ghost Hunting?

I haven't watched The Haunted Collector (frankly, I haven't watched any of those shows in a long time), but I stumbled upon an article at that calls the show's host, John Zaffis, the 'show killer' because his will put an end to Ghost Hunters. I don't quite see how this blogger thinks the world will jump ship for what amounts to Ghost Whisperer meets American Pickers, but then I've not seen the show. The blog does comment on how, in one instance, Zaffis simply asked whatever ghosts were present (and presumably associated with some knick knack) to knock once to indicate "yes" and twice for a "no" instead of using these EMF gadgets the writer complains have gotten way too expensive since GH hit it big. But isn't the whole yes/no knocking thing simply an old school trick of 19th century Spiritualists? I'm sure it's great for the budget over at The Haunted Collector, but I (and hopefully many others) know what's behind the curtain in OZ.



I have watched several of these (thanks to on demand cable!). They sometimes have a more balanced approach on most occasions. I see it failing because antique, doll, and artifact dealers will rise up and complain that it is bad for business. I do see a chain of 'Haunted Collectibles and Museums' springing up to fill in the gap however.

Autumnforest said...

I detest this show, the premise, the way it's done and Zaffis. Need I say more?

Little Gothic Horrors said...

The whole knock once for "yes" was a running gag on 'The Addams Family' television show: knock once, then whistle twice for "yes", and whistle 3 times and knock twice for "no"... no make that, whistle twice, and knock 4 times for "no" and... etc. Very silly, but it still makes me laugh!