Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Either/Or Disparity Of Bigfoot Movies

Why must Bigfoot/Sasquatch films always either be cute like Harry and the Hendersons (and the offering below) or d-grade horror flicks like Assault of the Sasquatch, full of mutilated bodies and acting so bad that porn suddenly looks like the epitome of the thespian arts? Can filmmakers not produce an intelligent script, artfully executed?

In other realms of fringe study, entertaining films have been made that respect the material and challenge the audience. Why is it Bigfoot keeps getting relegated to the muck? He's considered a "monster"? Hardly, since the vampire genre has produced plenty of solid, artistic films. Why then is this hirsute giant treated to less respect than these others, when clearly (if you follow the work) those avid fans of cryptozoology are serious about the topic. Demand more, I say! Stop apologizing for these offerings like grateful supplicants. Stand up for a better Bigfoot as I stand down from my soap box!

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