Saturday, July 16, 2011


STRANGE STATE'S 2nd Annual Paranormal Hoax Photo Contest.

Since the advent of photography, hoaxed images have been the bane of paranormal investigation. From early spirit photography at seances to famous monkey suit incidents, these images have both captured our imagination and fueled our rage. What goes into making a successful hoax? That's the question we pose to you. Are you up for the challenge?

The contest will be open to submissions beginning August 1, 2011 and will end midnight October 15, 2011.

Strange State blog is looking for your best paranormal or supernatural faked photos. It could be a spectral visitor, an alien spaceship, or a monster lurking in the dark - or something more fantastic than all that. Use your imagination, your creativity, and

talent to execute a convincing hoax. The top three contestants will be awarded.

By submitting your images, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1) All entries must be original creations unique to the contestant.

a. Contestants may use whatever techniques they wish to craft a successful
hoax: image manipulation software, props, special effects, or the
presentation of serendipitous images taking advantage of optical illusions
or pareidolia.

2) Three entries are permitted from each contestant.

3) Entries should be anonymous. The winner(s) will, however, need to submit contact information, including name and address to claim the prize(s).

4) By submitting images, you agree to grant limited reproduction rights to Strange State blog and Cullan Hudson for the sole purpose of promoting said blog and this contest. After a period of 18 months, full rights revert to the contestant.

5) Submissions must be posted on the flickr group page for consideration.

6) All entries must be received (posted to the flickr group page) prior to midnight October 15, 2011. Judging will begin October 16, 2011.

7) Vulgar, violent, or especially offensive images will not be accepted.


The Liquor Guy said...

This is pretty neat! Unfortunately, I don't have the PhotoShop skills in order to submit one of these. But I do have to ask, Is the hand shopped in that first picture as well?

Cullan Hudson said...

You absolutely don't need them. The image in the upper right quadrant of that picture was taken at a halloween party. That dry ice smoke just happened to have something that looked like a demon face in it. No photoshopping. Also, other entries used props and people in low-tech, old school ways. Just use your imagination. One guy did a UFO that was a model he tossed up into the air. Sounds simple, but it was actually among the best in the bunch.