Friday, July 15, 2011

A Skeptic's Eye On The Paranormal

Love this guy's article. Smart read and you can tell he just relishes taking the air out of hoaxers. I can respect that.



Autumnforest said...

Very nice. I was having a disagreement with someone in England the other day who believes the US bombed our own buildings on 9-11. I told him that we don't go around claiming the UK bombed the plane in Lockerbee or their own subways or during WWII. I reminded him that in the 90s we were bombed in our twin towers before and bin Laden happily took credit. He wanted to believe the crazies who make conspiracy theories with raunchy credentials and making up stuff. The problem we find nowadays too with the Internet is that people are lazy. You good a Google search, you look at the first few entries to find out all about a subject and then accept it as truth because it was written somewhere. People are sheep. That was a good uncovering of one of those influential people's hokey background.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the respost!
This is a very cool site.

Lance Moody

Cullan Hudson said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.