Monday, July 4, 2011

New Paranormal-Themed Mockumentary Tripped Over Something In The Dark, Fell Flat

In a by-now highly familiar style, a group of filmmakers delves into the mockumentary stylings of paranormal investigation shows with comedic aspirations. Think The Office meets Ghost Hunters--and then remove the humor. While it may be unfair to judge this project solely on the basis of a short promotional clip, I must remember: that's what they're there for. To sell us on their show.

Tripping merrily to the requisite jaunty tune of indie projects, the promo stumbles over the scattered corpses of jokes too weak to stand up to the forced performances. And this makes me sad; I was quite keen to see what this was about when I first clicked on it. I had high hopes.

A more successful parody of paranormal reality shows would be Ghost Provokers, which does a great job at making fun of Zak Bagans and gang.

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Autumnforest said...

It sounds like someone stole my "LAUGH" series. Hmm... They should have stolen my scripts too.