Monday, July 4, 2011

Cryptozoology Embraces Social Media

Along with a new logo design, Cryptomundo brings news that Cryptozoocial, a new social networking platform and app for the iPhone, is in the works and will likely launch in the next few weeks. The goal is to allow fans of the parent site to interact with each other and other cryptozoologically minded persons in a less formal environment.

CryptoZoocial joins the growing ranks of niche SocNets, many of which deal with paranormal or fringe science:

These are the first few hits one finds when searching Google. Many more follow. As yet, none have risen to prominence and the quality of each varies significantly. Time will tell if the market can sustain these endeavors, but it would be nice to have a few central sites with which to connect to others of similar interests. The various bulletin boards and rings and the like--remnants of the 1990s--have all but died out.

The new meme is comprised of these social networks, which have portability and interconnectivity never before dreamed of by the old IRC crowd.

This brings with it a host of other problems, as evidenced by Facebook's many foibles and controversies. However, I doubt these bourgeoning sites are unscrupulous as THE 'social network'.

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