Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Roundup

PaleoBabble exposes what fools among giants men must be. 

Fact or Faked returns for a new season on SyFy come March 23rd. 

The Façade is a novel that works to craft a "unified field theory" of the paranormal, hanging "fact" from the framework of a fictional narrative. Scientists of disparate disciplines are culled against their will to join a top-secret government cabal that plumbs the various paranormal mysteries, discovering a connecting thread running among them. If this sounds familiar, you might be watching something like Fringe on FOX. I haven't read the book, but it might be a fun summer read.

And Anthony Bragalia rips the sheet off the probing table as he takes a closer look at alleged 'alien abductions' over at UFO Iconoclast(s).


Autumnforest said...

The facade--great idea. I have to admit, I've always felt there is some paranormal "broth" that runs through that entire realm of existence. Intriguing.

Adsila said...

Those look good. I am also very excited about Destination Truth returning on March 17th.