Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr. Coleman

Desperate hopes build over at Cryptomundo regarding "The Erickson Project" and the reportedly first good look at the face of a sasquatch. 

"This could be the most exciting news in years," Loren Coleman writes.

It's likely a viral marketing campaign to arouse interest in some forthcoming mockumentary or low-budget horror film. Or worse, another P. T. Barnum Feejee Mermaid video, the likes of which the bigfoot community has too many already.

But this won't quell the giddy excitement of some that FINALLY there is proof. I've made the analogy to Charlie Brown always getting football pulled out from him before, but I think it bears repeating.

The YouTube link that purports to show the Erickson Project footage dicks around for several minutes (to a delightful bossa nova number) as it counts down to the #1 best biggy footage. It builds the suspense with a lot of text about what you will see, but pulls the football out from under us by not delivering the goods. WARNING BELL.

The poster, trailriderresearch, has also posted UFO footage, recordings of sasquatch 'night whistles', an unseen, but purported bigfoot throwing rocks, and others.  The entity seems to be a person known as "Bruce" from Vancouver. I can't confirm that trailriderresearch is related to "The Erickson Project," but I am willing to bet he is.

This was posted in October of last year: "After viewing the trailer I cannot help but turn away from the heavy dose of cryptic marketing with that familiar feeling that there may be another outbreak of Biscarditis in the offing. If so, the ship of Bigfootery Research will have sustained another broadside direct hit in it's hull and may begin taking on water faster than the minions can min the pumps. Hope I'm wrong tho'."

Learn more about the Project at their website, but I urge caution. At best, this is a "group" formed for the soul purpose of making a video to cash in on all things bigfoot and will likely be pitching this to every cable outlet likely to run it.  At worst, we're looking at another hoax. Either way, I don't expect much and I'm surprised at how excited some people seem to be getting about this.

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