Saturday, September 4, 2010

Calls From The Beyond Haunt Crescent Guests

Recently, while staying at the haunted Crescent hotel in Arkansas, a woman received several strange text messages on her iPhone. Each message contained neither content nor information regarding its sender. Curiously, they all seemed to emanate from New Year's Eve 1969.

Some have stated this is a common error that occurs when upgrading to the latest version of the phone's operating system. However, I would like to recount a tale told to me personally that might cause us to reconsider this explanaton.

A couple I know was staying at the historic Crescent a few years back. The two had settled in for the night, turning off the lights and TV. Some time later, they were awakened by the TV coming on by itself.

Confused, but too tired to care, the husband reached over to the nightstand, grabbed the remote, and flicked off the set. The two then settled back into a sound slumber. But it didn't last. A while later, the set came back on again.

That's when they realized something strange had happened. The husband reached over and flipped off the TV in bewilderment. Thinking maybe he was hitting it in his sleep, he passed it over to his wife who put it on her side table, which is so far away for her short arms that she has to get out of bed to set it down. Soon the two are off to sleep again.

A short while passed and once more the TV turned on. Now, he thought, this is really weird. "Did you put the remote away?" he asked his wife. "Yes," she replied sharply. "It's right over there." He spotted it lying beyond her reach and became puzzled as to why the TV kept coming on. "Well, put it in the drawer just in case we're hitting it or something."

She tucked the remote away and once again the couple tried to salvage some sleep from this odd night. But the weird happenings at the Crescent weren't going to allow that. Like clockwork, the set soon flickered to life once more. The husband by this time was angry. He climbed out of bed, grabbed the remote, and removed its batteries. To be sure, he unplugged the TV from the wall also before getting back into bed.

He had only just drifted off to sleep when his cell phone buzzed; he had just received a text message in the wee dark hours of the morning. Angrily, he snatched the phone and peered at the screen through tired eyes. What he found puzzled him and forever convinced his wife that there IS something odd going on at the old hotel.

On the screen are these words: This is no fun. I'm not playing anymore.

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