Friday, August 6, 2010


I am announcing the introduction of something new that, if successful, will be a regular feature of Strange State blog.  I am looking for your best hoaxed photos of various paranormal or supernatural phenomena. This can include ghosts, UFO's, mythical beasts, the exhibition of supernatural talents...

You can use any means at your disposal to produce them. So don't feel like you're stuck if you don't have a great deal of talent with Photoshop or the like. Plenty of books and online resources can show you how to do some pretty cool old school tricks. Judging will be based upon three criteria: execution, creativity, originality. 

Now, there will be a prize but I haven't yet decided what that will be. And there will be a panel of judges, which I have also not selected. This coming week, I will post the official rules and give the deadline. At the moment, I am thinking of October 31st as the deadline. So, if you want a headstart, go ahead and get cracking.

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Autumnforest said...

This is a really creative and cool idea!