Sunday, March 28, 2010

Probing Deeper Into The Contactee Movement

An interesting review of Nick Redfern's Contactee book can be found here. Contactee stories, like alien abduction tales, center around close encounters, but differ greatly in tone. Contactees invariably meet beautiful, flaxen-haired beauties who radiate peace and love like Scandinavian club kids tripping on Ecstasy. Whereas the poor sufferers known as Abductees are treated to a dehumanizing experience of anal probes and psychological terror at the hands of a short, ashen skinned monster with no emotions. It's like being at the sexual mercy of Andy Dick.
The whole movement is truly a fascinating examination of a mid-20th Century cultural zeitgeist. However, probing deeper (if you'll pardon the pun), Regan Lee asks why the patently absurd stories of the Contactees are ridiculed while the equally outlandish (albeit darker) tales of the Abductees are given serious consideration.

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