Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inside Top Secret: Revealing The Truth Of Area 51

As the veil of secrecy and silence slips from around those who once worked for the government's ultra top-secret "Area 51" test site in the remote stretches of the Nevada desert, more and more individuals are coming forward to tell us what REALLY went on there. Here's a spoiler: it wasn't UFO's. READ MORE HERE

It seems, according to those who were there, to have been what we all knew it to be: a place where top-secret experimental aircraft were designed and built. With the revelation that such craft as the SR-71 Blackbird and its antecedent, the A-12 and other oddly shaped craft later were all tested there, it should come as no surprise then in retrospect that UFO's took on decidedly non-saucer shapes in the last three decades of the 20th Century. It would seem logical to assume that the emergence of triangle shaped craft arose in the wake of real reports based upon very real sightings - of terrestrial craft.

In fact, many think the same may be occurring now with sightings such as the Phoenix Lights and the mysterious phenomenon in Stephensville, TX. Long the rumor has been that the government has been at work on floating platforms or stealth blimps, silent but fast craft for reconnaissance, refueling, or defense. And it makes sense. What better way to test the efficacy of your stealth craft than to hover it over your very own cities? It's not like one would want to risk experimental technology over an uncontrollable population in a foreign (and potentially hostile) land. If it fell into their hands, your research and secrecy would be for nought.
Or, as still others believe, this announcements and revelations are simply another layer atop a complex structure of lies and misdirection.

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