Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sheesh! More Planet X Doomsday Speak

In reading a recent Coast 2 Coast newsletter post, I was annoyingly struck by a phrase that I wish would be banished forever. It's a variation on the classic cover-up line: Researcher X believes/knows/has proof that [insert government agency] knows all about [insert topic dujour] but is covering it up [usually for power, sometimes to quell panic, but mostly the reasons are never divulged], yet Researcher X has little to no evidence to support his/her claim.

In this most recent case, it's about our old friend Planet X (known by some as Wormwood, surely because of the hallucinations it would take to conjure such stories). "Eriksen maintained that NASA is aware of Wormwood's presence through their satellite data, but is covering it up." It's that old Chicken Little, the sky is falling obsession that some have on predicting the END OF THE WORLD (echoes out).

I've posted about Planet X and the human fascination with our own demise before. It still baffles me.

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