Thursday, August 28, 2008


From an article in The Canadian, "Canada's new socially progressive and cross-cultural national newspaper", entitled "Humanity's Crossroads and Extraterrestrials: US Professor Zecharia Sitchin's Planet X":

"According to my research, PX, the size of Jupiter, is presently in our solar system and is heading towards Earth. It is in a retrograde orbit. Its overwhelming magnetic properties and gravitational field has catastrophic effects on nearby celestial bodies. A source on the Internet [Oh, thank God there is a 'source' on the Internet to bolster the following statement! CH] states PX will be visible in the Southern Hemisphere in June, 2009. Now it can be seen by satellite or observatory telescopes. As it nears the Earth, its mass, magnetic and gravitational effects will be apparent in severe climate change, frequent and higher magnitude earthquakes and volcanic activity, and other geological disturbances.

The projected time of a PX close encounter is the end of 2011 - 2012. I am convinced that PX is a starship inhabited by a hostile race of ETs called the Nefilim; a race of giants that once inhabited Earth during the Sumerian civilization and for thousands of years prior to that era."

Not one to be left out of the fast-paced world of baseless proclamations, I will also astound you with what my "research" has uncovered. Some of you may be troubled by the "New World Order" implications of the following, but it seems that through ancient Sumerian texts I have learned that frogs and toads are far better at making swimwear than all the fashion houses combined. So good are they that their increasing mass-extinction threatens humanity in untold ways. A time is coming, with global temperatures rising, that humans will need to seek the cooling reprieve of our lakes and oceans. And where will the frogs and toads be? That's right, Planet X (PX). You see, they are not really dying out. Sources on the Internet tell me they are being "beamed" aboard PX, an intergalactic deathstar of sorts since they are the progeny of the 'Nefelim'.

Well, you heard it here first kids. I know, I know. As Dostoyevsky said, "Sarcasm is the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded."

But then, he's like old or dead or whatever.


Ken said...

So THAT explains why the world's going to end in 2012. Now I can rest easier... for a few years, at least.

Anonymous said...

Planet X is real, so real it’s just one of three reasons why Rapture and the Quickening, were Ancient Planes for a Planet Evacuation. Such celestial objects referred to as a Dark Star are Core-like Planets similar to this Earth. The heat generated from the core of a Dark Star makes a planet visible in this vague manner. Such Planets are positioned behind their own frequency veil and in their own orbiting reality. Another name for the Planet X which has stirred so much commotion of it’s arrival in 2012, is that New Earth prophesied in scripture records.

Contrary to what now governing forces would have you believe, this New Earth is indeed now inhabited and will remain inhabited by the Good Caretakers of that Planet’s Core, and they wait for transfer arrivals from this planet, as changes in Earth’s core makes our surface intolerable in days to come. Such a transfer arrival has been prepared through process of foretold Rapture and Quickening. Then, Humanity of this Earth will co-exists with their Caretakers on the New Earth, and a newly established Star-Trek Alignment of 5 plus 7 Celestial Colonies, are being set in place as the New Earth's New Heaven.

So contrary to circulating fears, those Reptilian Caretakers of the New Earth, are the Good and caring Beast in Creation which are referred to as Beast of the Earth. They are a Celestial Beast of the Morning Star, as each Morning Star is a Christ-Light source of Energy.

The Good Celestial Beast are Unlike those Reptilian Beast who now co-govern as under-lords of this planet; these are allies to the Sadistic celestials who are treacherous, wicked, liars, adulterous, murderers, selfish and greedy. The very nature of these evil doers has corrupt the people of this planet Earth; they are the same evil Beast of the field who were banished from their celestial region and who have gone astray in their deeds and their character of nature. These are the associated Reptilian Beast, to an Ancient King, who was also cast from their High Celestial Place.

Now as Planet X sets in it’s own orbiting course, in it’s own ‘Open Pocket’ of space, it sets in it’s own Reality. A Reality which is out of sync or out of frequency harmony to outside areas such as ours. This giant Oval Enclosed Pocket of Space periodically passes in orbit through our area . If Planet X’s course takes it close enough to Earth, the very force generated by it’s passing, will push Earth out of it’s place. This is just one aspect of all things coming together during this era of endings and beginnings. Earth’s inner core is also transforming, as it too prepares for Planet X arrival.

Yet, if an individual would venture in a belief, that the very force generated at Planet X arrival will not harm Earth, it’s Wormwood would indeed knock us out of orbit. A Wormwood is a Crystallized Straightway Tunnel Passage referred to as a Wormhole Portal Passage. This particular passage was crystallized during the time Earth’s Core had become ignited of massive flames and was pushed through the Tunnel from it’s once Higher Position, to then come to rest in the orbit Earth holds now. It was as the blazing Core swiftly passed through the Open Portal, that the heat generated from the Core’s flames, crystallized elements within the Portal Passage.

For an eon after the Core had been pushed out of place, the Core appeared in distant space as a second sun within this solar region. These were times before times, and before Earth itself was re-subdued for colonization, and at which time came about an additional Earthen Species evolving from the Neanderthal Man. And to this day, this unyielding and crystallized tunnel, drags through space and time as an anchored strong arm, which is attached to the upper place where the Core once set, to this outside area where Earth now sits. This was that Ancient link established between colonizing of Celestial Worlds from within the 4th Universal Plane, to this associated 5th Dimensional Reality.

But for now, this crystallized tunnel passage is also what the coming of Planet X brings. The drag will not merely pass over this time, it will pass through!!!. This anchored and unyielding tubule blockage will do much damage not only to what we can see in distance space, but it’s damaging drag will this time around penetrate colliding Worlds of those Celestial Colony’s who secretly inhabit their large and small unseen pockets of open space which also orbits undetected outside Earth’s gravitational pull, even those orbiting as clouds above the surface of the planet. Yet this Crystallized Wormhole do not extend from Planet X itself, but from that Lighted glow that travels with Planet X.

These types of Lighted glows in their makings are first referred to as a double hull Lunar Facility. In proper working condition, such Lunar Facilities develops into a beautiful White Light as bright as our sun, but they give off no heat. These are referred to as a Morning Star or a Christ Star. Many such Stars are given in the establishing of Colonized Celestial Worlds. And now because of this dragging of the crystallized tunnel, Earthen and Celestials associated with this solar region are in ever growing danger … Now comes the Destroyer, again !!

Cullan Hudson said...

Where to begin? Why to bother?

Cullan Hudson said...

I think reiterating what I had posted on 8/20 would be my best response:

I would like to say this all reads like good science fiction, but I can't even be that generous. It's the same spurious - and always paranoid - proclamations of the sinister based on illogical, disconnected conclusions or simply born of the ether. A mythological patchwork stitched tenuously together with threads culled randomly from third-hand sources like chatrooms and Fate.

But, no... I can't stop.

To wit, Sod, your response is transparent in its foundation on new age mythology (harmonics, planes, etc...), Sci Fi (Star Trek, Death Star [although you may be referencing me here], Caretakers, Reptilians [a la "V"], and Quickening), Judeo-Christian teachings (Christ-like, Beast, Morning Star, Rapture), and the resurrection of ancient arcanum to serve as an almost Lovecraftian device.

So that it strikes me - and I could be wrong - that you spend a lot of time wrapped up in an interwoven tapestry of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mysticism, and the Occult that may, for you, be nearly indistinguishable from reality at this point. Almost as if there were a driving need to gather disparate threads and weave them together to form some tableau that makes sense of the world around you.

I don't say these things to be cruel or discourteous. Rather, I express this view as my own way of making sense of the enormous amount of incredibly unsupported and outlandish claims you have presented to my readers.

dethmama said...

Wow!!... I've got to say that I'm with Sod on this one.

In about 3 years from now, I'm going to slap on my tinfoil hat and assume a fetal position in my cellar... right after I set my pet frog, coincidentally named Dostoyevsky, free into the wild.

I'm sorry, Sod... forgive me. Cullen is far more articulate and patient than a cranky old lady such as myself.

Anonymous said...

I understand the strength in your opinion. But you yourself seem very learned of the subjects you accuse me of being wrapped-up in. If you could only see as the third eye sees, you could find the truth in most mythology; you’d be able to find true science in most every fiction; If your intelligent Soul, was as Old as mine, you would have seen the Reptilian Beast, before you saw man; You’d know that the First Morning Star, shines as bright as the first ignited sun-mass in creation; but you would also be accordingly and suitably inclined, to know that the Light of a Morning Star, as brilliant as it may shine, gives out no heat; and that these are the Lights within High Inner-Dimensional places. Each serving as Day-light within High Reality Worlds.

You speak of Teachers before me who speak as I speak, surely they spoke by remembrance and not fantasy as I do; Teachings of the Good Celestial Character, and the altering of Spirited Energies in order to become harmonized in frequency with a particular High Celestial Reality, may appear as Mysticism Rubbish for someone yet in this reality with no desire to leave when an opportunity arise. And at least your readers have had the opportunity to consider as you say “an outlandish claim”.

Anonymous said...

That’s OK … your comment made even me smile

Cullan Hudson said...

While I can in no way follow your reasoning, your zeal is undeniable and your prose is... well, poetic. So, kudos for that.

To quote the Bob Hope classic, "That Certain Feeling"...

Larkin (George Sanders): That's what I like about you, Dignan. You may not agree with me, but you'd fight to the death for my right to say it!

Dignan (Bob Hope): I have an Eskimo friend who believes that all the waters of the world are gathered in the armpit of a great frog. While I don't mind him saying it, I can't quite see myself dying for that.

Anonymous said...

It has been nice exchanging opinions, and I wouldn’t want to overstay my cyber-visit. So I will exit now in farewell.
But remember this;
A frog is classified as an amphibian creature because of it’s design to function of land and water, as so is Earth; and an armpit in this respect being a hollow area under the arm of the sea where all body currents of water joins …. Bob Hope’s Eskimo Friend appears quite wise, in a scientific way, and could have used this simplified metaphor to express his wisdom. Sod ( Seed of David)…