Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yeti Legend Dies Off In The Face Of Progress

The San Francisco Chronicle examines the inexorable demise of the Yeti legend in the small Himalayan country of Bhutan, which until recently had done a good job of keeping progress at bay.

One wonders if, in time, a similar extinction will face the various ape-men legends of North America. As hoaxes pile up higher than evidence, and bodies remain elusive, will anyone care in another ten years? Will it seem a quaint fascination of the 20th Century, which bled onto the New Millenium only to die an ignominious death at the hands of, say, Reality TV? Time will tell.


RRRGroup said...

You know, C, that the yeti and sasquatch may exist, but that Georgia Bigfoot hoax has sunk the prospect of a serious determination about the alleged creatures.

Mysteries are going by the wayside, and mostly because of the charlatans all over the place who befuddle mysteries with their nefarious shenanigans.

Are their charlatans in Oklahoma?


Cullan Hudson said...

Invariably. But more often than not, I think it's the far subtler inner charlatans that do the most damage; those individuals who delude others with their own delusions. These people plot no schemes but, instead, allow their own fantasy-prone personalities to dictate how they see the evidence around them.

Leftist Guerilla said...

The hoaxes most definitely put a damper on research and will make government funding and private grants for researchers and scientists who wish to study this field almost impossible. I think as the next year or two comes and passes it may very well be the time of proof one way or the other. With the camera technology moving forward at an amazing rate,I feel that we may be very close to finding definitive proof of the existence of these creatures. Now,with some new cams being developed to run on solar power..the only limit will be the amount of memory to store pictures. I think we are close to finding out once and for all.

Cullan Hudson said...

I've never seen one myself but I know someone who believes he has. I cannot believe those believable individuals who report sightings are all mistaken. People are seeing something. If not these creatures, then what?