Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Question Remains, Will The Pending Reptilian Invasion Have Horns?

I love this sort of stuff. You know, in the way you really can't stand something but you say that you do in a flourish of irony (okay, sarcasm).
I would like to say this all reads like good science fiction, but I can't even be that generous. It's the same spurious - and always paranoid - proclamations of the sinister based on illogical, disconnected conclusions or simply born of the ether. A mythological patchwork stitched tenuously together with threads culled randomly from third-hand sources like chatrooms and Fate.


RRRGroup said...

Well, of course the reptilian invasion is nutty, but the horn thing intrigues in a sickening kind of way.

Where do you find this stuff, Cullan?


Cullan Hudson said...

It was passed along to me by another blogger who once had a tiff with those who so devoutly believe in the Reptilian presence. Not believing - as any rational being would - one iota of their doctrine, she was fast labeled a Reptilian conspirator. It's just ridiculous. While I don't buy many or all of the photos regarding the horns, I have no qualm that vestigial traits exist and can periodically show up. Although, I can't think of any cases or real horns. Tails are well-documented.