Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ghouls and Ghosts of Greenock, Scotland


Michelle Kane and her family, of Greenock, endured violent episodes of poltergeist-like activity at their council house on Auchendarroch Street in 1991. It began with subtle manifestations: One room would be far colder than the others; A strange steam that would fill a room; An unknown liquid manifested from nowhere to leave everything in the house soaking wet and then evaporate within minutes. Then it ramped up form these innocuous atmospheric phenomena to a clawing sound that began to be heard within her bedroom. When Michelle's six-year-old daughter Sheryl told her mother she had witnesses two demonic apparitions grappling in her bedroom, the frightened mother called in Rev. Peter Webster who took her to the housing department. A Catholic priest was called in to bless the young girl. This was
followed by spiritualists from Glasgow who attempted to cleanse the home. During this ritual, as those in attendance sat in the living room reciting the Lord's Prayer, the floor began to violently shake and clawing sounds erupted from the bedroom. With Webster's help, Michele Kane and her daughter able to persuade Provost Tony McGlone to make the housing managers of the Inverclyde District Council relocate the family. Following the relocations and exorcisms, the entity or entities haunting this woman ceased.



In January of 2006, a Greenock couple reported seeing an enormous black feline in their front garden one morning. No mere house cat, this animal was rather panther like.

May 2007, Two employees at Town Hall spied a man in 19th century attire in the kitchen. The man quietly exited the room, and so the pair followed. But when they caught up to where he should have been, the strange man had vanished. There were no exits through which he could have escaped. Later, the workers checked the CCTV recordings. They were startled to find only themselves in the video. There is also talk of a little boy who fell to his death in the 1800s here. It is said he can be seen from time to time wandering the building.


May of 2008 saw a UFO report. The witness described a green, glowing orb that streaked an orange trail behind it as it silently crossed the sky in the east.

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