Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blue-Caps, Bogeys, Boggarts, Brownies and Buccas

The British Isles are filled with mysterious and mischievous spirits, a lot of them starting with the letter "B". . .

Blue-Caps are mine spirits that helped miners, but expected recompense for their efforts. Miners would leave coins in the corner of the mine. As honorable as they were industrious, Blue-Caps would, if overpaid, leave the surplus behind; unfortunately, they could be a bit put out if the remuneration wasn't up to expectaions.

Bogeys are something of a malicious hobgoblin that are fond of causing problems and are also known by the names: Bug-a-boo, Boo, Bogey-Man, etc. In Wales, it is known as a Bug, in Scotland as a Bogle, and in Germany as a Bogglemann.

A type of Bogey is the Boggart, which is never seen. However its presence is known by the poltergeist-like antics it performs: phantom noises, objects thrown, pinching, tugging on clothes or bed linens and otherwise behaving like your annoying little brother.

Brownies are a type of fairy people that feature in the folk legends of England and Scotland. In Wales they are referred to as a Bwca (Bucca) and a pixie or pisgie in Cornwall. These beings are beneficial and become viewed as helpful by the family to which they attach themselves, doing chores and watching over the homestead during the night. Unlike Blue-Caps, Brownies don't expect payment, but appreciate treats that are left for them. Like a family pet, a mistreated Brownie can cause problems. If one is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a Brownie, he would not that the creature is about 3 feet tall, brown in color, and wearing well-worn brown clothing.

The Bucca of Cornwall (sometimes referred to as a Bucca-Boo) is a sea spirit living among the fishermen, and like many of these other spirits can be helpful when appreciated or troublesome should recompense fail to appear. To appease these spirits, fisherman will take one fish from their haul and leave it behind on the beach. Other traditions involve tossing a bit of bread over their left shoulder (similar to salt for luck) or pour a bit of beer on the ground.

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Vivienne Moss said...

Love the faery lore. Never offer a Brownie clothing. You'll be sorry.