Thursday, April 4, 2013

TV Horror In The 80s

While horror was hopping on the big screen during the 80s, one was hard pressed to find it in their own home. While we might take for granted the slew of television shows and movies that air daily on the myriad channels cluttering our TV sets, at one time the offerings were few and far between. However, even in a decade filled with tepid dramas and treacly sitcoms, these offerings managed to claw their way into our homes each week:

Tales from the Darkside, a twisted version of the cult classic, The Twilight Zone--which also saw a revival in the 1980s.

HBO's The Hitchhiker wasn't so much about the supernatural as it was about the super sick, but it still managed at turn of the screw now and then. If you liked your pyschological horror tales to be as tight as your opening credit jeans, then these folks delivered.

Freddy's Nightmares was in the vein of shows like Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt, and Tales From The Darkside but decidedly built upon cashing in on Freddy Fever.

Even if it felt a bit cheesy, you have to give this show credit for at least trying to come up with unusual monsters instead of solely relying upon those we know all to well.

And my favorite of the bunch... Friday The 13th: The Series stands out for its dark tone, strong scripts, and innovative horror. And if you don't think Warehouse 13 ripped them off, you can just go elsewhere.

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