Monday, August 20, 2012

Flash Fiction Contest

Get your pens out, sharpen your pencils, boot up your computer.... Do what you must, but submit your best flash fiction (less than 1,500 words) by September 30, 2012. The top 4 (or if there are only 4 entries, all) will be featured throughout October.  The final judging will take place October 10th.

These entries can be scenic or atmospheric or contain a fully realized plot; they can be experimental or epistolic. Be creative!! Be Original!!


A Few Rules...
(totally borrowed from another contest)

No entry form is needed. This is an on-line competition.
You can enter only once.
The flash fiction contest is open to writers of any nationality writing in English.
There is no restriction on theme or style apart from being within the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Horror--In short, something that would interest this site's readers.
Word limit 1500.
The winning stories must not have been published previously.
Copyright remains with the author. However, entry grants Strange State / Cullan Hudson rights to showcase these works for up to one year.
Notification of receipt of entry will be by email.
Stories cannot be altered after they have been entered. Judging is done anonymously.
The judges' verdict is final.
Entry will be taken as acceptance of these conditions.

submit entries to: s t r a n g e s t a t e o k @ (Yeah, remove the spaces. I don't need breast enlargment spam)

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