Saturday, February 4, 2012

An English Haunting

A friend of mine in England sent me an e-mail yesterday. Now, he's a rational Englishman and quite unlike the erratic bunch you would find in any given episode of Most Haunted. In fact, his interests don't seem to lie in the vein of the paranormal much at all. He's more the let's-hike-every-mountain-in-Scotland-this-weekend type rather than the ooh-wonder-if-that-place-is-haunted type. So, it came as quite a surprise that he would send me the following.

"I thought I must write and tell you about a friend of mine that I visited earlier in the week. He's recently moved into a barn conversion and he thinks it's haunted. It's near 2 old graveyards and he's heard footsteps overhead upstairs when there's been no-one else in the kitchen. On one occasion he said that all the cushions in the sofa were thrown on the floor! I just went over for a meal but my friend said that next time I should stay the night. I'm not sure that I'd want to if there were going to be spectral goings-on!"

I, of course, encouraged him to TOTALLY stay the night.  After all, spectral goings-on are the best kinds of goings-on. :-D

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