Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Temporal Adventures of Royal Naval Cadets

In a recent Smithsonian article online, the tale of 3 Royal naval cadets who, while on a map reading exercise, passed through the small village of Kersey in 1957 to find themselves seemingly in another time.

As one cadet put it years later: “It was a ghost village, so to speak. It was almost as if we had walked back in time… I experienced an overwhelming feeling of sadness and depression in Kersey, but also a feeling of unfriendliness and unseen watchers which sent shivers up one’s back… I wondered if we’d knocked at a door to ask a question who might have answered it? It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

This is fairly similar to the famed incident in 1901 where two well-educated British women swore to have passed through the veil of time to somehow witness a pre-revolutionary moment at Versailles.

Startling details revelaed in the boys' accounts lend credence to their claims, especially when factoring in their ages (and presumed historic ignorance) and the fact that one of the boys didn't even grow up in the area.

Read more about this bizarre account HERE.

It is also similar to the mysterious house that seemingly arrived from nowhere on the shore of a Scottish loch.

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Autumnforest said...

I am sooooo intrigued by this subject. It happened to me several times in my lifetime and a few of the times, I became rather hysterical feeling inside. I knew I wasn't supposed to be there and seeing what I was seeing. I was standing on a battlefield and saw a building that wasn't there. Later, I found out there was a foundation there where a building had been. What was even stranger was that it had smoke coming out of the chimney on a summer day and no scent of smoke in the air.