Friday, April 1, 2011

Tiny UFO 'Jellyfish'

When one reads about a reported UFO, it is generally some sort of vague light.  When a craft of any description is recounted, it is of the large triangular or saucerian type; or it is the unimaginably huge "mother ship" variety.

Not so for the craft spotted in October 1969 by Alastair Mackenzie.  The man and his family were enjoying the evening on the hotel balcony in Bournemouth, England when they spotted a jellyfish-like object that hovered nearby momentarily before heading out to sea, floating only about 2 feet above the water.

Mackenzie describes the object in the terms of a jellyfish. Does this imply a mere resemblance, or did he mean to suggest the object was alive in some way as well?  Could this have been a small craft? A probe? And its vanishment over (or into) the sea certainly would have Ivan Sanderson crying USO!

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Some recent UFO reports have indicated a more 'fluid' and 'organic' - flexing and twisting in the night sky, shifting in colors that seem to be traveling the spectrum. Perhaps a yet to be discovered form of life? A by-product of some process we do not understand or even know about? When we dismiss such reports without examination we might be missing making a new discovery about our world, or ourselves.