Friday, March 11, 2011

Fact Or Faked Bonus: BIGFOOT VIDEO?

While clearly a human being dressed up in some fashion or another, this is at least a successfully styled video for the following reasons:

1) There is a reason to be shooting.  Too many videos just seem to start up on the action or begin by panning around some location without any real context as to why on earth anyone would be filming that -- except, of course, to promote a hoax. This video has a family enjoying the pleasures of shooting stuff.

2) The focus is never on the bigfoot. It's practically out of frame for the scant seconds its visible. Instead, the focus is kept on the objects being shot and those doing the shooting.

3) No one drops a "what was that?", which leaves us wondering ourselves. They don't claim it's a bigfoot, they merely present the video and ask if we think it might be. Given the helicopter they claim is hovering about, one wonders if they aren't after some fugitive--Dr. Richard Kimball, for instance.

Here's the statement accompanying the video: "My husband and I took our kids target shooting. A helicopter was over our heads the entire time annoying us. We thought at first they were curious of why and what we were shooting. Later when we watched the video we noticed something that looked like Bigfoot running in the trees. We assume now the helicopter was hunting the Bigfoot. Scary."


StoryCrafter said...

I am with you on this. It could be an escaped criminal or another explanation but the clarity, speed and inconsequential aspect of the object in the film is impressive.

Cullan Hudson said...

Another poster over at the facebook page commented that the helicopter sounds fake. I agree. There is no modulation to the pitch of it; instead it is perfect and flat sounding. Furthermore, no one in the video even looks up at the sky. You think, perhaps during a reload, someone would look skyward.