Friday, February 25, 2011

Gates And Company Search Out St. Paddy's Day Mysteries In A 4-Hour Live Destination Truth

Josh Gates and his Destination Truth cohorts will air a 4-hour season premier on St. Patrick's Day, fittingly live from Ireland. While upon the Emerald Isle, the team known for seeking out the world's mysteries (but never actually doing so) will examine the legend of the Bean Sídhe (or Banshee, if you must)--a spirit from Irish folklore that affixes itself to a family and wails horribly whenever anyone is about to die. They begin their hunt for the wailing wraith at Duckett's Grove, a ruined assemblage of 18th, 19th, and 20th Century manors in the gothic revival style that served as the estate for the Duckett family for 300 years. The oldest portion dates back to the 1830s. Syfy will run interactive features throughout the broadcast so that viewers can enhance their experience by tracking the team through the 'castle' and watch additional live streams from other areas of the investigation.


Autumnforest said...

"viewers can enhance their experience" Reminds me of those ads for the KY jelly for "him" and "her." I am looking forward to this, but I love the show for what it is--not really finding anything but taking me to wicked places and with the same sense of humor I travel with. I very much appreciate Josh's zest for life. I totally get it and appreciate it.

Cullan Hudson said...

And, you know, I think in that sense, I would appreciate his show (and snark) better if he did D. T. like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Stop trying to "investigate". I mean, come on. No one's going to pull off an investigation into leprechauns or something. But if he did it more like a travel log show, where maybe they can bump around in the dark now and then, and less like Ghost Hunters or whatever, I think that would be a show worth watching. But it's all the heightened suspense, manufactured through cuts and edits, that always leads nowhere that really leaves me turned off.