Wednesday, January 12, 2011

North Texas Man-Dog Account

A North Texas woman recently contacted Spirit Rescue International, a non-profit organization that "cleanses" client's homes of unwanted supernatural presences, regarding a portal on her property. She believes this gateway opens periodically to expel some strange, black creature. The woman's neighbor reported spotting it as well.

Spirit Rescue International investigated the site remotely (as in their mind's eye). Through several of these sessions, SPI was able to sketch both the physical reality of the site as well as its spiritual composition.

On the third attempt, the psychic was able to visualize the creature: "dark colored, canine in appearance but also possessed some human-like features. There was hair on the face and back but the rest of the body was hairless with a dark colored 'sheen' on the skin."

The account goes on and is quite entertaining. I suggest you take a moment to read it.

What struck me, however, is that this is the north central part of Texas. Those of you familiar with my book will no doubt recall the man-dog mentioned in the story about Brown Springs on the Red River that divides Oklahoma from Texas. I wonder if there is a deeper cultural lineage surrounding legends of a man-dog that is specific to North Central Texas.

In the article on Phantoms and Monsters, Lon speculates whether this is related to the Native American Skinwalkers.


Autumnforest said...

It does remind me of the accounts at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. I love this stuff. It just is more interesting than your usual chupacabra or Bigfoot story.


I am interested in the unique description of the man-dog itself. Other similar creatures were classically more canine in appearance and this merging of the more recent 'shadow person' motif with the dog creature is unique.

Footman said...

Cannot claim to have seen a dog man but i think i did see another cyrtpoid creature. Pretty sure i seen closet relative to a hyena here in Alberta. Some recent years like less than a decade ago a similar dog like creature was shot in Montana. After it killed many sheep

Footman said...

Seen something like a hyena here in Alberta. Not too many years ago a very similar dog like creature was shot dead in Montana after killing many sheep.