Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NEW STUDY REVEALS ALIENS DON'T EXIST (or they do and want to rape our planet--it's a real either/or sitch)

We Come In Pieces!!
"When considering the prospect of alien life, humankind should prepare for the worst, according to a new study: Either we're alone, or any aliens out there are acquisitive and resource-hungry, just like us." [Read More Here]

A new study! LOL! Ha ha ha! How can you study something that hasn't been proved to exist? You certainly can't make the statement that "...aliens out there are acquisitive and resource-hungry...."

This is the same thought that Stephen Hawking echoed a year or so ago.

These are the same tired old arguments the crop up again and again. They're based upon little more than philosophical speculation and vague probabilities--often to further an agenda.

We do not have the data to support any claims that life elsewhere will be like us. Of the countless lifeforms on this planet alone, those with even a modicum of intelligence are few in number. It is likely that if we encounter alien life (barring it coming to us), it will be something we might consider unintelligent. Space cows, basically.

If something more intelligent comes about, having evolved elsewhere in the universe and possessing of a different form than ourselves, the most likely outcome of such a scenario would be a creature with different needs, thoughts, wants, and motives. In essence, such an encounter would probably result in complete incomprehension between the two species.

It's easy to see where such "learned" minds get these Saturday afternoon serial hypotheses: they're of an age that grew up with the Cold War and those very same B-Grade monster movies about men from Mars. It's probably hard to shake some of the presuppositions that take root in the subconscious of starry-eyed kids.

The simple fact is that we don't have any data to support these premises. As we don't have data to support the position that UFOs are alien spacecraft from afar. Intelligent life may very well exist in the universe, but to dismiss this possibility simply because it has never contacted this planet is anthrocentric hubris at its best. As the character Spock said in Star Trek IV: "Only human arrogance would assume the message MUST be meant for man."

What if they can't visit? When was the last time you trekked across the country on a Big Wheel?

What if they don't want to visit? How excited would many of you be to visit some backwater, squeal-like-a-pig town that's known only as the lynching capital of Skunkwater County?

That's what I thought.

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Autumnforest said...

Excellent discussion! I admit, man created God in his own image and aliens, as well. It's our point of reference. In truth, aliens could be from a society where birth control is not an issue (like us animal-humans) and in which resources are so abundant that we look impoverished to them. They may even arrive seeking to give us more "stuff." The humans devouring their own planet scenario may not apply to other more sophisticated cultures. This is an intriguing discussion. I'd love to see you do an Alien Among Us Tuesdays on here. You have some great insights.