Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mysterious Signal Filled Russians With Alien Hopes

Moscow, 1965

Soviet astronomers received mysterious radio signals from outer space. With guarded optimism, Professor Loserf S. Shklovsky of the Sternberg Astronomical Institue stated that at the least it represented " absolutely new, still unknown type of cosmic object..."

The learned Dr. Frank Drake (known best for his work on SETI and his eponymous equation), weighed in from Cornell University. He believed any number of variable stars or other such quasi-stellar radio sources could have contributed to the ordered pattern detected by the Russians.

As with any of these events, the problem still arises that radio waves propagate far too slowly in the vastness of space. Any civilization that sent such a message would likely expire long before the signal was received by another, which is why such science fiction shows as Star Trek have to make use of a fictitious 'subspace' in order to communicate across the galaxy.

It would seem then that if such interstellar beings existed, they would have to communicate in some manner other than radio. It could be that communication is made interdimensionally or at the quantum level where the rule of the universe as we know them seem to take a holiday.

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Autumnforest said...

Yeah it's pretty human and linear thinking to assume that because we use radiowaves others would in other solar systems. Every day we could be bombarded by signals or even a visual spectrum that we simply do not pick up and there are aliens out there going "Screw it! No one's ever going to answer us!" While SETI folks are nodding off in the afternoons saying "Screw it! No one's ever going to answer us!"